Personal Insurance Planning

Life can throw some nasty curveballs at us at any given moment. We recognize that every person’s situation is unique, and we are fully capable of providing suitable, independent, solutions to meet those needs.

Life Insurance

How much income needs to be replaced, how much financial resources does one currently have to provide that income and for how long are the questions that need answers. In many cases Life Insurance should be looked at as a replacement of income. It is not a gift that one leaves behind, but a replacement of the income that person would have provided for their dependents. There are many ways to structure life insurance policies, but the basic needs should be evaluated first. Then structuring the plan to be sure the benefits are paid according to your wishes and protected from outside threats.

Disability Insurance

The most-valuable asset is your ability to work and earn an income. Disability insurance coverage is an important first step in establishing a good foundation.  Disability insurance can replace your income if you become too sick or injured to work. What would happen if your income suddenly STOPPED for an extensive period? There are enough things to worry about without the threat of not having money to pay your bills!

Long-Term Care Insurance

A significant concern for many is how a long-term care need would impact the retirement assets and deplete one’s wealth, leaving little for a surviving spouse or heirs. Long-term care insurance is designed to meet a person’s health and personal care needs for a duration of time usually in the retirement years. With the cost of home and healthcare now, and in the future, it will be expensive to meet one’s personal needs.

If you need more information or would like personal advice you should consult an insurance professional. Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing company.