First, the big difference is that we follow a FIDUCIARY STANDARD, and, in all cases, we are acting with our client’s best interest. This means we always look for the most suitable solutions and pricing for our clients. We do not have any direct relationships with the products or investments that we offer.
Second, is that we do the research ourselves and present those findings and recommendations with information to confirm the reasons for owning or purchasing each product or investment. There is valid independent information to make the right decisions.

We have experience in a wide range of financial topics. However, we focus on 4 specific areas of Financial Importance:
  1. Personal Financial and Retirement Planning. This includes current financial situation and future planning and projections.
  2. Investment Management, including wealth management, investment advice, and retirement income strategies.
  3. Personal Insurance Planning. Uncovering insurance needs to protect oneself and the family and providing solutions to meet those needs.
  4. Retirement Plan Advisory Services, meeting the needs of plan sponsors and their employees to work towards approving outcomes and managing regulatory risk.

FEE-ONLY means that the advisor is compensated by a completely transparent fee/cost. The client knows exactly what service for which they are paying. Many advisors pride themselves on being fee-only. Much of our business is done on a fee basis.
There is a reason we are NOT a fee-only advisor. There are many instances where the product or insurance policy that is needed cannot be purchased through a fee system. For example, insurance products pay a commission. The largest and most reliable insurance companies do not currently offer products through a fee system. Also, the small investor may not find the fee that it would cost to manage their account reasonable. Therefore, there are times when a commission product is the best fit for the client. We do not want to be precluded from offering those products when the time and situation fit. We feel we can still act in the client’s best interest within the products that pay us a commission. We can still be objective because in almost all cases the commission for a particular product is regulated and the same across different companies.

Yes, generally we have a sliding scale of fees based on the size of the account. However, we do offer further discounts through aggregating business across various lines and family members. We are prepared to send you a copy of our fee schedule upon request. We do reserve the right to amend the fee schedule based on other circumstances.

We prefer to work in tandem with our clients. Many of our clients leave the decisions up to us and while we are confident in the decisions we make on their behalf, we want to be inclusive and completely transparent every step of the way.
Each quarter our clients get reports on how their account(s), and investments, are doing compared to their respective peers. When changes are needed, we will always inform the client beforehand.

Depending on the needs or desires of the client is how often we get together. Typically, our clients meet with us at least once per year. Our office is open for in-person meetings for those who are interested. We also do virtual meetings along with phone calls. Whichever way you feel comfortable meeting with us, we are here for you.

Our Investment Advisory services best work at a minimum of $500,000. When accounts are below the $250,000 level, we recommend considering brokerage accounts rather than fee-based accounts. Brokerage accounts typically range from $25,000 to up to $250,000 and Advisory accounts are above. Some Brokerage accounts have lower minimums such as 529 College Savings programs and other specialty accounts. Our fee schedule is a sliding scale, and ALL of our ADVISORY accounts have the same access to our Institutional priced investments lineup and suggested portfolios.

We are proud to say that since opening our business in 1997, we have not had a single complaint or disciplinary action. We strongly recommend everyone check out their advisors and brokers on the following websites:
  • For history on an Investment Advisor, please visit: www.SEC.gov
  • For history on a Securities Broker, please visit: www.finra.org
Our advisors are listed with both, as our professionals include Investment Advisor Representatives and Registered Representatives.